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The community of Wake Forest, North Carolina, remains well known for its colleges, sports teams, and its quaint small-town charm. However, one thing it stays in short supply around here is reliable service options for stranded drivers.

Flat tires, blown engines, dead car batteries and more are everyday occurrences that prevent you from getting home. And once you do see yourself with a disabled vehicle, it isn’t always obvious who to call for help.

Wake Forest Towing remains the reliable and affordable choice for any driver need. No matter what has happened to your car, our team stays at the ready for your call.

You can count on us all day long for better services and lower pricing guaranteed.

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24 Hour Towing

Your vehicle can experience a severe mechanical issue anytime that you sit behind the wheel. However, that doesn’t mean that professional towing services remain available as often as you need.

When stranded in the dark, and your phone is quickly running out of power, you need to make one service call that you can trust. Calling our team first is always the best way to know that you are getting home safe, 24 hours a day!.

Dead Battery Jumps

Most drivers today don’t have a set of jumper cables with them. Or, if they do, they have never been used, and you have no idea how to apply them correctly.

Unfortunately, jumpstarting a battery wrong will just as soon torch the vehicle. And if you are nowhere near a willing volunteer, you aren’t going anywhere.

We use professional equipment items that charge your battery safely. Call us now for jumpstarts.


Vehicle Lockouts

Locking your keys inside of your vehicle makes you feel embarrassed quickly. Unfortunately, when you call a dedicated car locksmith company, they’re going to charge a fortune after making you wait for hours.

A better alternative, however, is choosing us for faster arrivals and professional door unlocking. We use many of the same equipment items provided at lower costs, helping you save more on help.

Don’t spend more on simple mistakes with us.

24 Hour Roadside Assistance

It’s only a flat tire, but you don’t have a spare in your trunk. You call up a towing company, and they charge a fortune hailing you away.

Rather than repeat the same frustrating scenario most drivers experience, we can help you better each time. We can remove, repair, or replace tires onsite, preventing the need for an additional garage visit.

Don’t allow flat tires and other items cost you more.

Winch-Out Services

Most drivers will never need to have their car winched out. Unfortunately, not everyone will become as lucky.

Washed out roads, soft highway shoulders, patches of winter black ice and more can all send your vehicle careening into a ditch. And when you are driving alone or even with someone else, you won’t have enough strength to pull it out by yourselves.

We offer fast and convenient winch-out services to more stranded drivers.

Flat Tire Repair & Replacement

You hear the unmistakable sound of a floppy, flat tire rolling against the asphalt. You pull over to exchange it, and you discover that your spare wheel stays completely deflated as well.

Thankfully, our team quickly changes your damaged tires with a new one, all at lower pricing than anyone else. Other companies will insist on towing you, even when your car still runs.

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